Saturday, 13 February 2016


Welcome to my blog! These pages include videos, photos, pictures and visual materials to facilitate comprehension of the topics studied in Language and Culture III.

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English Monarchs: George IV's Marriages

Phrases from Victorian Times: Think of England

Literary Gossip: The Wordsworth Threesome

Food & History: Thanksgiving Day

American Presidents: Washington & The Cherry Tree

US Culture: The Woman Behind the Flag

Food & History: Sandwiches

Phrases from History: "Not Tonight, Josephine"

Two Sisters, Two Unhappy Marriages

The Colours of Intelligence: Bluestockings

Food & History: Brie

Let Them Eat Cake

The Man Who Loved Women & Chocolate

Famous Coffee Lovers

The Mad Hatter's Orange Hair

Like the Rock of Gibraltar

The rock singer behind Jane Eyre

The writers behind the businesswoman 

More articles at ®ock & £iter@ture and books and magazines to download at Supplementary Material Blogspot.

Fashions in Dickens' Times

The Victorian Age

House of Stuart: Family Tree

House of Hanover: Family Tree

Little Known Facts About Edgar ~

Queen Anne, the Stuart Gloriana